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N95 Respirator General Information

An N95 respirator mask is a respiratory protective device which provides efficient filtration of airborne particles.


Recommendations for N95 Respirator

Face masks and respirators are most useful for people who are in crowded settings, such as classrooms or airplanes, or when you must be in close contact with an infected person.

Health experts note that face masks and respirators should be used along with other precautions, such as frequent hand-washing, covering coughs, staying at home if ill and avoiding crowds.


N95 Respirator Precautions

Although face masks provide effective protection of the mouth and nose from germs, it's better to try to avoid close contact with people who might be infected.


What N95 Respirator Contains?


How much does N95 Respirator cost?

The price for N95 Respirator starts at $4.25